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Fifty Shades Darker Official Pleasure Collection

Products from original Fifty Shades of Grey also included

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  • Fifty Shades of Restraints
  • Fifty Shades of Vibrators
  • Fifty Shades of Ben Wa Balls
  • Fifty Shades of Anal Toys
  • Fifty Shades of Spanking

"Come, I want to show you my playroom.” - Christian Grey

Step into the world of Fifty Shades Darker, the Official Pleasure Collection of sex toys from the books Fifty Shades of Grey, approved by E L James.  Join Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele as they explore their dark love affair with a naughty selection of bondage toys.  Create your own erotic fantasies with our Fifty Shades collection, from Ben Wa Balls and anal toys, to blindfolds, masquerade masks, crops and restraints, to hand cuffs and feather ticklers... We have everything you need to bring your favorite scenes from the movies to life.  Whether you are a 50 shades virgin like Anastasia Steele, or a seasoned sadist like Christain Grey, start your pleasure collection today to turn your boudior in a naughty bondage playroom, where you can unleash your inner Goddess.  And, if you haven't joined the "Grey" movement yet, there is still time to get the books and games and immerse yourself in the world of fifty shades of grey, darker, and freed.


Christian Grey teases Ana with a vibrator:

“He plants soft wet kisses on my shoulder as he withdraws his fingers from me, and moves the wand down. It oscillates over my stomach, my belly, onto my sex, against my clitoris ... it’s intense.” - Anastasia Steele

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Christian introduces Ana to anal pleasure:

"His fingers trail between my buttocks spreading oil … Instantly the plug inside me starts to vibrate--down there! ... It feels alien, full, forbidden … but oh … so … good … As my body explodes, I’m nothing but sensation--everywhere." - Anastasia Steele

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Christian seduces Ana with a blindfold:

“He reaches down, lifts my chin, and plants a soft wet kiss on my lips before slipping the blindfold over my eyes.” - Anastasia Steele

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Christian expertly binds Ana's wrists with his signature grey tie:

"He binds my wrists together with the tie, knotting it firmly. His eyes are bright with wild excitement. He tugs at the binding. It's secure and I am under his control. My heart leaps and desire pools way down low..." - Anastasia Steele

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Christian tortures Ana with the sting of a crop:

“He walks round me again, trailing the crop around the middle of my body. On his second circuit, he suddenly flicks the crop, and it hits me underneath my behind… against my sex.” - Anastasia Steele

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Christian spanks Ana until she comes:

“This feels different than the last time—so carnal, so … necessary. He caresses my behind with his long-fingered hands, and I’m helpless, trussed up and pressed into the mattress, at his mercy, and of my own free will. He hits me again, slightly to the side, and again, the other side, then pauses slowly as he peels my panties down and pulls them off. He gently trails his palm across my behind again before continuing my spanking. I surrender myself to the rhythm of blows, absorbing each one, savoring each one … I moan loudly as my body takes over, and I come and come, convulsing around his fingers.” - Anastasia Steele

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